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Our Product Line

Seaga’s vast knowledge of controlled sales environments and branding has translated into our industrial vending machines,  installed world-wide.

Seaga’s Infinity snack, beverage, and combination snack and drink vending machines are the most flexible solutions for any location. 

Combination vending is the most space friendly way to offer vending in an office environment and nobody does it better than Seaga. 

Transform your business with Seaga’s innovative and reliable drink dispensing collection. Purchase one of our industry pioneering machines today.

Retail centers custom designed for your unique brand and sales opportunities. Seaga’s smart technology is the multinational standard.

Seaga’s bill changing machines are engineered to provide change in a variety of currencies accepting the U.S. $1, $5, $10 and $20.

Ultra cool with a brilliant display, the Visi-Cooler collection from Seaga offers a wide range of sizes to suit many product types and locations.

Seaga’s Smartware 360 is a powerful robust software applications that allow owners and operators the ability to program their machines. 

Customer Support

Seaga provides it’s customers access to the highest quality, parts, accessories, and customer support in the convenience services industry. 

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