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Mid-Range Vending

Seaga's Professional Mid-Range Vending

Saving space is our specialty at Seaga, so we designed full feature, cost efficient machines that work in any location. Combination vending is the most space friendly way to offer vending in an office environment and the Snak Mart is number one for reliability and return on investment. Our Slim Line machines offer great opportunity for low cost self service retailing in a wall mounted application.

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Mid-Range Vending

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Mid-Range Vending

Snak Mart



Increased Profit Margins

Seaga’s Mid-Range line provides ample opportunities for operators to increase profit margins by delivering a high quality space efficient solution.

  • Seaga SnakMart
    • A lean combination vendor with the ability to vend a variety of products both the snacks and cold beverages. 
  • SL3100 
    • The most space saving snack vendor in its class, the SL3100 Slim Line snack features a reliable electronic design and a convenient optional battery operation.
  • SL5000
    • A Sleek and versatile wall mount vending machine designed for packaged products that include medicines, laundry items, computer supplies, baby items, crisps, pastries and snacks, nutritional supplements, feminine products, condoms, gum, cigarettes and more.

Our Approach

Our strategic approach to our Mid-Range vending line of products was to give operators a space efficient product that also provided a competitive edge while still allowing them greater access to more accounts.

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