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Glass Front Vendors

Seaga's EnVision and Infinity Line
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Seaga has engineered the EnVision line with both your present and future needs in mind.  Our EnVision line is the quintessential automated retail solution for all your merchandising needs.  The EnVision line combines technological innovation, elegant design, bold merchandising solution with best-in-class space to sales sizes.  The Envision line continues Seaga’s proud tradition of quality, cost effective solutions for the vending industry.  

Glass Front Vendors

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Glass Front Vendors

Key Features & Advantages

  • Cashless Payment System
  • With Google Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Dual Coils for Better Product Flexibility
  • Endura Motors Tested Over 2 Million Vends
  • Robust Global Vending Features
  • Energy Efficiency Settings
  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • Interlock Door Construction for Added Security
  • Interlock Door Construction for Added Security
  • LED Lighting for Brilliant Merchandising
  • Lock-Out and Timed Vend Settings
  • Scroll Pricing Display
  • Seamless Payment System Integration
  • Steel Trays for Solidity and Strength
  • Telemetry Ready

Energy Efficient

Seaga’s Glass Front Vending Lines are driven by the highest performance level refrigeration engineering and sophisticated testing facility. Because we use an advanced cyclopentane insulation system our machines are eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. 

The Glass front lines dare to be one of the sleekest and most diverse families of vending machines made with feature-rich engineering, robust vending technology, and adaptable components across the product lines.

Custom Branding

We produce and offer a wide range of custom branding for different applications per our customers’ specifications.

Cashless Payment System

All of Seaga’s vending machines are capable of integrating a cashless payment system that gives consumers the opportunity of paying for your products using there smartphone. All of our payment integrations in addition to Google and Apple Wallet usage for credit and debit cards, accept major payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as Samsung Pay, just to name a few.

Infinity Line is an Energy Efficient Vending Machine
Energy Infinity Line is an Energy Star Partner Compliant
Infinity Line has Wifi Control Software

Increased Profit Margins

Our glass front vendors provide ample opportunities for operators to increase profit margins. Features that help operators get more from their investment include adjustable food safety settings, seamless payment system integration, energy efficiency, machine lock-out sessions during off-peak hours as well as several other intelligent tools.

Our Approach

Our strategic approach to the Infinity line of products was to give operators a competitive edge while giving them greater access to more accounts. Seaga sees quality manufacturing and corporate integrity as key elements of this strategy, and its mission is to continue delivering first-in-class machines.

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