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Frequently Asked Questions

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One of my selections show “Make an alternate selection”

Try clearing error in the program or count motors to reconnect the motor link in the programming

My display shows “Cancelling”

“Cancelling” appears when the coin return is pressed. This is how the customer cancels the sale. If this appears either the coin return mechanism is stuck, or there is a coin jam in the upper portion of the coin changer

My Bill acceptor won’t accept bills

The bill acceptor works in conjunction with the coin changer because the coin changer is the only way for the machine to pay back a credit. The bill acceptor will be disabled if the coin changer does not have enough (detected) change to pay the bill back to the customer.

My keypad does not respond to keys pressed

The back plate of the keypad may be too tight causing too much pressure one the keypad membrane. Try loosening the rear mounting nuts to see if this will relieve the pressure. Also check for damaged cables and/or loose connections.

Snacks jam when vending

Snacks must be loaded in the coils so that the products DO NOT sit on the lower loops of the coils. The bottom right corner of bags must be in front of the lower loop for the products to successfully vend. Also, products must fit between the coils without binding between the loops. If they bind, the product size is too big for the coil space.

The machine does not give change

There is a feature called “multi-vend” in the programming. This is factory set to ON. This means that instead of automatically giving the change back to a customer, it is held as a credit on the display, allowing the customer to make other purchases with it. The customer can press the coin return button to get his change. This feature can be turned OFF so that it will give the change automatically.

My whole machine is out

The power cord for the machine can be unplugged from the back of the cabinet, so first check that it is secure at both ends. Also, there is a transformer in the machine that has a circuit breaker. It is usually at the bottom of the cabinet with a cover on it. There is a hole in the cover that you can put your finger through to reset the breaker.

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