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a vending machine in the middle of a mall

Seaga’s Envision snack, beverage, and combination snack and drink vending machines are the most flexible solutions for any location.

With Seaga’s Industrial vending system managers will increase their productivity levels by providing point-of-use access to tools and equipment

Seaga’s industrial vending solution provides point-of-use access to the equipment and tools employees need when they need it. 24/7 access.

a woman with a face mask standing in front of vending machines
Provide convenient around-the-clock access to essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Seaga is proud to be your solution source for dispensing a wide variety of PPE products.
three vending machines are lined up against a white brick wall

Offering 20 columns, The Prosper vends the entire spectrum of PepsiCo products including Pure Leaf, Naked Juice square, and so much more …


Seaga’s bill changers are built to help you increase your ROI by allowing customers the opportunity to have access to the currency they need. 

two vending machines with pepsi on the front

Ultra cool with a brilliant display, the Glass Door Merchandiser from Seaga offers a wide range of sizes to suit many product types and locations.

Excellent service and machine, I would highly recommend Seaga for anyone looking to get into vending. Their personalized service from purchase to set up has been exceptional!


Aaron Christans

We contacted Seaga Monday and the replacement deck arrived Friday. Their efforts included assembly, testing, and delivery. We couldn’t have been more pleased.


Jody Briner

Seaga Manufacturing has always been able to help me with issues and parts. Great customer service! Their vending machines are easy to operate. Also easy to repair and replace parts.


Desiree Lewis


a large building with flags on the outside

Serving the world with innovative, value driven space efficient designs that inspire sales in a wide variety of locations.

Continuing a tradition established in 1987, Seaga continues to be your one source for all solutions in vending equipment and accessories for the domestic and international vending markets. The company also provides service, parts and repairs from its corporate offices in Freeport, IL USA.

Seaga India Pvt. Ltd. expanded the Seaga group of companies to provide worldwide sales, manufacturing and service.

Why choose us?

Excellent Customer Service

Seaga provides customer service that is focused on making sure information is available, relevant and conducive to providing all of our customers quality service. 

Smart Technology

Not only does Seaga manufacture and design some of the most fundamental automated merchandising products on the market but we also produce smart essential technologies that minimize cost, increase ROI and simplify the business process. 

Quality Engineering

Seaga manages and drives excellence through its quality engineered products. Seaga’s quality vision is to consistently produce best-in-class products that are at the heart of what we do by driving innovation through the disciplined implementation of common processes, in tangent with safety awareness.

Career & Jobs

Working at Seaga means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates fascinating products around the world. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.

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