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Seaga Unveils It’s Industrial Vending Powerhouse In The IIC SightGuard

Freeport, Il, October 16, 2017- Seaga, a world leader in the manufacturing, design, engineering, and the sale of the most essential, first in class, vending technologies, and accessories puts 3 decades of innovation to use in the development of their industrial vending line, Intelligent Inventory Control (IIC). Given the growing requirements of industrial vending, Seaga […]

Seaga Unveils Make In India Eco-Friendly Automated Vending Machines

BAHADURGARH, India, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Seaga India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Seaga USA, is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic merchandisers and is one of the first Indigenous manufacturing houses of its kind and the engineers behind the most energy efficient vending technologies in Asia. Seaga India Pvt. Ltd. is no stranger to groundbreaking environmental enlightenment. […]

Seaga’s Smart Expansion of Intelligent Inventory Control

One of the world’s leading automatic merchandisers and the engineers behind some the most essential vending technologies, and accessories, Seaga is no stranger to innovative forward thinking. With three decades of experience in innovation and its position in the market, Seaga knows better than anyone that smart companies invest in smart technologies that are economically […]

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