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Seaga Multi Beverage Machine

Seaga Releases Its Latest Multibeverage Vending Machine; The Prosper

Being at the forefront of the vending industry for more than three decades and  well-known for offering innovative technology, quality equipment, and great sales performance, no one is surprised when Seaga reveals a smart new vendor like The Prosper. Satisfying the ever-increasing demand for non-carbonated beverages, The Prosper optimizes floor space, without compromising product variety,...
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a vending machine filled with chips and snacks

Seaga Introduces an Intuitive Business Partner; the Infinity INF5S

CHICAGO, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Seaga introduces the INF5S fortifying the popularity of Seaga’s Infinity line. It’s an automated vending workhorse equipped with intelligent features designed to give operators more profits per dollar invested.  Capable of accommodating a wide range of product categories, the INF5S will generate superior returns across multiple types of accounts. As a...
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Seaga’s Smart Expansion of Intelligent Inventory Control

One of the world’s leading automatic merchandisers and the engineers behind some the most essential vending technologies, and accessories, Seaga is no stranger to innovative forward thinking. With three decades of experience in innovation and its position in the market, Seaga knows better than anyone that smart companies invest in smart technologies that are economically...
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