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Seaga Welcomes Don Barkman as Vice President of Global Operations.

Freeport, Illinois – January 16, 2024 -Seaga, a leading Automatic Merchandising Company, proudly announces the appointment of Don Barkman as Vice President of Global Operations, effective immediately. Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in operations, Don Barkman assumes this pivotal role to drive Seaga’s strategic initiatives worldwide. With an impressive track record in lean...
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Seaga Welcomes Rob Murphy as Key Addition to Propel Sales and Relationship Management Initiative

Freeport, Illinois – January 2, 2024 – Seaga is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Murphy as the Business Development Manager focused on B2B Sales and Strategic Relationship Management. Rob has a tremendous amount of experience in unattended beverage retail. His exceptional leadership and proven record of accomplishment for companies such as Fintech, Nextel,...
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Seaga’s Smart Expansion of Intelligent Inventory Control

One of the world’s leading automatic merchandisers and the engineers behind some the most essential vending technologies, and accessories, Seaga is no stranger to innovative forward thinking. With three decades of experience in innovation and its position in the market, Seaga knows better than anyone that smart companies invest in smart technologies that are economically...
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