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Seaga Unveils It’s Industrial Vending Powerhouse In The IIC SightGuard

Freeport, Il, October 16, 2017- Seaga, a world leader in the manufacturing, design, engineering, and the sale of the most essential, first in class, vending technologies, and accessories puts 3 decades of innovation to use in the development of their industrial vending line, Intelligent Inventory Control (IIC).

Given the growing requirements of industrial vending, Seaga Manufacturing Inc. unveils its IIC SightGuard. Engineered ahead of some fundamental models in controlling cost for Industrial MRO, PPE, Office and Medical supply distribution within innumerable industries including construction and manufacturing, Seaga’s IIC SightGuard gives managers a leg up on tracking and managing inventory control. With its robust cloud-based technology integration that employs reliable scalability and proficient network handshaking, the IIC SightGuard is the optimal choice for incorporating secure inventory control.

Deploying the IIC SightGuard as your organization’s industrial vending solution of choice provides your team with a true pull system that appeals to lean operations. The IIC SightGuard is an industrial vending powerhouse that’s quickly configurable in the field for job sites with consistently evolving work environments and product needs. It employs an IoT sensibility that allows it to log, track, sum, report, and communicate inventory usage data within a satellite of machines placed strategically throughout the work environment; processed over a highly secure network. The IIC SightGuard’s advanced software tractability also allows it to integrate with proprietary systems making it one of the most flexible software packages on the market.

“Controlling cost with a benign effect on positive outcomes in operations is the ideal path to take. In the early stages of development, we set out to make a flexible, resilient, machine and software package for distribution of onsite consumables, and most importantly, it had to be secure as well as smart,” said Steve Chesney, President of Seaga Manufacturing Inc.

Because industries are marred with the growing costs of MRO, PPE, and other consumable product distribution, they can’t afford to ignore the advantage of inventory controlled vending. Seaga’s

industrial vending solution, the IIC SightGuard, is obviously in line with the goals of any organization focused on accountability, continuous improvement, cost-efficiency, and comprehensive progress.

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SightGuards Key Advantages

Seaga's IIC SightGuard is the mother of modern Vending Ingenuity.

Create Brand LoyaltyCreate Brand Loyalty

With Seaga’s IIC Solution suppliers of PPE. MRO, Office Supply, and Medical equipment can insure that the industries they supply are restocked with their premiere products at all time. Utilizing Seaga’s IIC solllution ensures that not only are you able to make sure your supply chain is providing the proper tools and equipment to the companies you serve but also that they are getting the things they need, when they need it at the rate they need it.

Provide just-in-time ConsumablesProvide just-in-time Consumables

For companies that adhere to lean principles you can’t go wrong with Seaga’s IIC solution, as it is a true pull system that provides the ability to serve what’s needed when it’s needed.

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Seaga is one of the world’s leading automatic merchandisers and the engineers behind some the most essential first in class vending technologies, and accessories on the market.

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